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Incky the Sigil here, with a word of warning about Acquisitions Incorporated! I must warn you… they're great! And the best! They never do things like magically animate their corporate icon, give it all the drives a living thing would have, and then make it mechanically impossible to satisfy them! Here's a few of my current captors, with notes from our CEO, Omin Dran!

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The History of Acquisitions Incorporated

At Acquisitions Incorporated, you inquire - and we acquire™. For nearly twenty years, other people have had things you've really wanted and we've gone over there to get those things, even if they didn't want us to do that. Typically, they don't. But we don't work for them, we work for you™. We've acquired it all, but we specialize in staves, gems, and storied weapons of great lineage. We do apply a reasonable surtax for rods, because rods. It's been a problem. This is AcqInc in a nutshell:

Defenses negotiable. Merchandise plentiful. Franchises available.

Acquisitions Incorporated: It's In The Name™.

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    "This is my son's company. It is very good. If you need good adventurers they have them and the rates are good considering the danger they can be put in." - First Lance Prophetess Dran, Paladin of Tymora (Ret.)

    "Sent them to retrieve a rod, but it was returned to me in several pieces." - Greb Sultana